Research Article

The Nature of Shadows, from Yale to Bilkent

István Aranyosia1 c1

a1 Bilkent University, Turkey


I discuss a solution to the Yale shadow puzzle, due to Roy Sorensen, based on the actual process theory of causation, and argue that it does not work in the case of a new version of the puzzle, which I call ‘the Bilkent shadow puzzle’. I offer a picture of the ontology of shadows which, together with an alternative view of causation, constitutes the basis for a new solution that uniformly solves both puzzles.

István Aranyosi is an assistant professor in the Department of Philosophy at Bilkent University, Ankara. His recent research has focused on the mind-body problem and on the ontology and perception of shadows. He specializes in metaphysics and philosophy of mind. Some of his articles and reviews have appeared in Acta Analytica, The Monist, Mind, International Journal of Philosophical Studies, and Australasian Journal of Philosophy.