Edinburgh Journal of Botany


Macromycetes from the state of Paraná, Brazil: 5. Poroid and lamellate boletes

R. Watling* and A. R. De Meijer


Nine species of tubulate and two species of lamellate boletes are recognized in the mycota of Paraná State, Brazil, of which five are considered introduced.

Gloeocantharellus corneri and a further genus of boletes are noted, the latter based on immature material. These records are new to South America, Brazil or Paraná State. Three new combinations are made in the genus Boletinellus for species previously placed in Gyrodon: Boletinellus exiguus, B. monticola and B. rompelii.


* Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh, 20A Inverleith Row, Edinburgh EH3 5LR, UK.

† (SPVS) Cp3O5, 80001-970 Curitiba, Brazil.