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Research Article

The Grey-necked Picathartes Picathartes oreas and Ibadan Malimbe Malimbus ibadanensis in Nigeria

J. S. Asha1

a1 Godshill Wood, Fordingbridge, Hampshire SP6 2LR, UK.


The Grey-necked Picathartes Picathartes oreas was found in various forested areas of south-eastern Nigeria in February 1987, an event followed in September-October that year by the discovery of 91 breeding sites, reflecting a total population in the order of 500–1,000 birds. Since then a further three breeding sites have been added. Forest destruction was a major threat to this population, but killing of birds was also a problem. Conservation education, the guarding of some sites, and the development of a national park in the area, were recommended protective measures, and now good progress is being made in their implementation. More extensive surveys are needed. The Ibadan Malimbe Malimbus ibadanensis, endemic to south-west Nigeria, had not been seen since 1980; in October- November 1987 a survey produced observations of at least three in secondary woodland at a research farm, and subsequently the species was found nearby. A more concerted survey to clarify the species's status and ecology is needed, followed by protective recommendations and appropriate remedial action.