Proceedings of the International Astronomical Union

Contributed Papers

Working Group on Extrasolar Planets

2002-2005, Transactions of the International Astronomical Union, International Astronomical Union.

Alan P. Boss, R. Paul Butler, William B. Hubbard, Philip A. Ianna, Martin Kürster, Jack J. Lissauer, Michel Mayor, Karen J. Meech, Francois Mignard, Alan J. Penny, Andreas Quirrenbach, Jill C. Tarter and Alfred Vidal-Madjar

The Working Group on Extrasolar Planets (hereafter the WGESP) was created at a meeting of the IAU Executive Council in 1999 as a Working Group of IAU Division III and was renewed for three more years at the IAU General Assembly in 2003. The charge of the WGESP is to act as a focal point for international research on extrasolar planets. The membership of the WGESP has remained unchanged for the last three years.


  • extrasolar planets