Marine Biodiversity Records

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Occurrence of the physonect siphonophore Apolemia uvaria off Plymouth and in south-west England

Keith Hiscocka1 c1, Gillian M. Mapstonea2, David V.P. Conwaya1 and Nicholas Hallidaya1

a1 Marine Biological Association, The Laboratory, Citadel Hill, Plymouth PL1 2PB, UK

a2 Natural History Museum, Cromwell Road, London SW7 5BD, UK


In September 2007, observations were made of a siphonophore in surface waters and near to the seabed by sea users off south Devon and south-east Cornwall. The same siphonophore was also recorded from regular samples collected offshore of Plymouth. The species is identified as Apolemia uvaria, which had not previously been recorded off Plymouth. It was sampled until March 2008 and re-appeared, in smaller numbers, in autumn 2008 until February 2009 but was not reliably reported in autumn 2009 (to end of October). The occurrence is unlikely to be due to sea warming, but more likely some variation in oceanic currents, possibly influxes of Atlantic water.

(Received November 04 2009)

(Accepted January 18 2010)