Critical Notices/Études critiques

Anne Conway, Henry More and their World*

Peter Loptsona1

a1 University of Saskatchewan

Marjorie Hope Nicolson's The Conway Letters is, simultaneously, a work of so many different kinds, and offers itself to so many distinct cultural and intellectual constituencies, that it is difficult to include them all, and impossible to assign them priority or precedence. It is first of all, though, a delightful and important book. It has been out of print for a great many years, the original edition of 1930 long ago sold out. So its reappearance in a new edition, with extensive revisions and additions by Sarah Hutton, is very much to be applauded and welcomed.


* The Conway Letters: The Correspondence of Anne, Viscountess Conway, More, and their Friends: 1642–1684, edited by Marjorie Hope Nicolson, rev. ed. with an Introduction and new material edited by Sarah Hutton. Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1992, xxix + 592 pp., $148.50. Page references are to this work.