Critical Notices—Études Critiques

John King-Farlow and Roger A. Shiner (Eds.): New Essays in the Philosophy of Mind*

Myles Branda1

a1 University of Illinois at Chicago Circle

It is difficult to understand why this volume is named New Essays in the Philosophy of Mind. Some of the essays are better classified as metaphysics, some as philosophy of science, and at least one as philosophy of language. But no matter, the name of the volume is unimportant: it is the contents that count. And the contents are very interesting. The general quality of the papers is high, higher than is often found in contemporary journals. The articles all share the methodological trait of being well-argued, and perhaps it is this trait more than anything else that unifies the volume. In what follows, I shall comment briefly on two articles on action theory, and then even more briefly on the remaining six papers.


* Canadian Journal of Philosophy. Supplementary Volume No. I, Part 2. Guelph: Canadian Association for Publishing in Philosophy, 1975, pp. 109–228.