La dynamique des intentions*

Élisabeth Pacheriea1

a1 Institut Jean Nicod, CNRS, Paris


I argue that in order to solve the main difficulties confronted by the classical versions of the causal theory of action, it is necessary not just to make room for intentions, considered as irreducible to complexes of beliefs and desires, but also to distinguish among several types of intentions. I present a three-tiered theory of intentions that distinguishes among future-directed intentions, present-directed intentions, and motor intentions. I characterize each kind of intention in terms of its functions, its type of content, its dynamics, and the rationality and time constraints that bear on it. I then try to show how the difficulties encountered by the causal theory can be solved within this new framework.


* Mes remerciements à Jérôme Dokic, Pierre Jacob, Joëlle Proust, François Récanati, Yves Rossetti et aux deux évaluateurs anonymes de Dialogue pour leurs très utiles commentaires et suggestions.