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Schistosome cercariae as the causative agent of swimmer's itch in Iceland

L. Kolářováa1 c1, K. Skirnissona2 and P. Horáka3

a1 Department of Tropical Medicine III. Clinic of Infectious and Tropical Diseases, Charles University, Faculty Hospital Bulovka, Studnièkova 7, 128 00 Prague 2, Czech Republic

a2 Institute for Experimental Pathology, Keldur, University of Iceland, IS-112 Reykjavík, Iceland

a3 Department of Parasitology Charles University, Vinièná 7, 128 44 Prague 2, Czech Republic

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Kolářová L [PubMed]  [Google Scholar]
Skirnisson K [PubMed]  [Google Scholar]
Horák P [PubMed]  [Google Scholar]


During late summer in 1995 to 1997, repeated outbreaks of maculopapular skin eruptions were noted on the legs of children after wading in the pond in the Family Park in Laugardalur, Reykjavík, Iceland. Clinical symptoms developing on the legs resembled those of cercarial dermatitis. An examination of Lymnaea peregra snails from this pond and from the adjacent Lake Tjornin resulted in detection of previously undescribed schistosome cercariae. This is the first report of schistosomes in Iceland and also the most northern occurrence of these parasites in Europe.

(Accepted January 06 1999)


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