Critical Notices/Études critiques

In a Socratic Way*

John Skorupskia1

a1 University of St Andrews

This collection of essays is a mixed bag. It is intended to be, inasmuch as the selection has been made to show Robert Nozick's versatility as a philosopher and a writer. And it does so—but too much that is of passing interest is included. The first ten essays could have made a collection on their own. Nine of these are included within two sections: “Choice and Utility” and “Philosophy and Methodology.” The tenth, “Moral Complications and Moral Structures,” appears in a section entitled “Ethics and Politics.” It is by far the most substantial piece in this section, both in length and depth. A selection of the remaining pieces in the book might then have been included in a section of jeux d'esprit. So I will first report on the first ten essays and then come back to some of these.


* Robert Nozick, Socratic Puzzles (Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press, 1997), viii + 400 pp., $35.00. Page references are to this work.