Research Article

CALL teacher education as an impetus for L2 teachers in integrating technology

Kwang Hee Honga1

a1 Foreign & Second Language Education, The Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio, USA (email:


The ultimate goal of CALL teacher education is to enable L2 teachers to integrate CALL technology into their classroom with confidence and knowledge. As a way to achieve this goal, an increasing number of studies have paid attention to the integration of CALL technology into the teacher education program and into the classroom. Nonetheless, there is little specific research into L2 teachers’ integration of technology into the classroom in relation to their prior technology education. As a means of better understanding the complexity of L2 teachers’ integration of technology into the classroom, this paper proposes a spherical model of such integration by reviewing and synthesizing the relevant literature. Drawing on this model, the paper emphasizes the importance of CALL teacher education with regard to L2 teachers’ integration of technology into the classroom. Next, it discusses how the model can contribute to future research on such integration.


  • CALL teacher education;
  • CALL integration;
  • second language (L2) education