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Kinematic design of crab-like legged vehicles

Anmin  Liu a1 and David  Howard a1
a1 Aeronautical & Mechanical Engineering, University of Salford, Salford M5 4WT (UK)


In this paper, the kinematic workspace characteristics of a crab-like legged vehicle are investigated using a 2-D model. The alternative kinematic configurations and their corresponding workspace constraints are discussed, and the vehicle configuration of most interest identified. It is shown that, for constant vehicle body attitude, only two parameters affect the kinematic workspace, foot overlap and thigh length. Analytical methods for calculating the workspace characteristics are presented and, using these methods, the effects of the design geometry on the kinematic workspace are investigated.

(Received May 31 2000)

Key Words: Kinematic design; Crab-like legged vehicle; 2-D model.