Economics and Philosophy

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Political Philosophy, Jean Hampton. Westview Press, 1997, xiii + 272 pages.

James M. Buchanana1

a1 George Mason University

Buchanan James M. holds the position of Advisory General Director, Centre for Study of Public Choice; Harris University Professor, George Mason University, Fairfax, Virginia and is the holder of the Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences, 1986. The following is a short list of his best known major works: The Return to Increasing Returns (ed. with Yong J. Yoon, 1994); Ethics and Economic Progress (1994); Better titan Plowing: And Other Personal Essays (1992); The Economics and Ethics of Constitutional Order (1991); Constitutional Economics (1991); Explorations into Constitutional Economics (1989); Economics: Between Predictive Science and Moral Philosophy (1987), The Reason of Rules (with Geoffrey Brennan, 1985); Freedom in Constitutional Contract (1978); The Limits of Liberty (1975); The Calculus of Consent (with Gordon Tullock, 1962).