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A Glazing Scheme for Archbishop John Stafford


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This article examines a document among William Worcester's papers at the British Library. It is argued that the document, a selective list of archbishops of Canterbury and bishops of Bath and Wells, was intended to form the basis for a glazing scheme to be commissioned by John Stafford, archbishop of Canterbury. It is suggested that this may have been intended for Croydon Palace in Surrey. An analysis of the list provides information not only about Stafford's interests in this commission but his artistic patronage in general. The document is set alongside the commissions of Stafford's episcopal contemporaries to draw wider conclusions about episcopal patronage of the visual arts in the fifteenth century.


I would like to thank Dr Tim Ayers, Dr Lucy Donkin, Dr Rupert Shepherd, Sabrina Shim, Tim Tatton-Brown and the anonymous reader for this Journal for their help during the preparation of this paper. I am extremely grateful to Dr Trevor Evans and his colleagues at the Oxford Medieval Latin Dictionary who provided extensive help with the transcription of the document provided in the Appendix. Any errors which remain in the transcription, or the article itself, are, of course, the author's alone.