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Research Article

Recovery After Psychosis (RAP): A Compassion Focused Programme for Individuals Residing in High Security Settings

Heather Laithwaitea1 c1, Martin O'Hanlona1, Padraig Collinsa1, Patrick Doylea1, Lucy Abrahama1, Shauneen Portera1 and Andrew Gumleya2

a1 The State Hospital, Carstairs, Scotland
a2 University of Glasgow, Scotland
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Background: The aim of the study was to evaluate the effectiveness of a recovery group intervention based on compassionate mind training, for individuals with psychosis. In particular, the objective was to improve depression, to develop compassion towards self, and to promote help seeking. Method: A within-subjects design was used. Participants were assessed at the start of group, mid-group (5 weeks), the end of the programme and at 6 week follow-up. Three group programmes were run over the course of a year. Nineteen participants commenced the intervention and 18 completed the programme. Results: Significant improvements were found on the Social Comparison Scale; the Beck Depression Inventory; Other As Shamer Scale; the Rosenberg Self-Esteem Inventory and the General Psychopathology Scale from the Positive and Negative Syndrome Scale. Conclusions: The results provide initial indications of the effectiveness of a group intervention based on the principles of compassionate focused therapy for this population. The findings of this study, alongside implications of further research are discussed.

Keywords:Psychosis; compassionate mind training; recovery; offenders


c1 Reprint requests to Heather Laithwaite, Rowanbank Clinic, Balornock, Glasgow G21 3UL, Scotland. E-mail: