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The Politics of Health Reform: How Political Interests and Preferences Shape Political Strategy

Congressional Fellowship Report

Amy Melissa McKaya1 and Jennifer Hayes Clarka2

a1 Georgia State University

a2 University of Houston

Amy Melissa McKay, assistant professor at Georgia State University, was an APSA Congressional Fellow for 2008–09.

Jennifer Hayes Clark, assistant professor at the University of Houston, was an APSA Congressional Fellow for 2008–09.


The authors wish to thank the director of the APSA Congressional Fellowship Program, Jeff Biggs; program associate Veronica Jones; and the members of APSA for making this amazing experience possible. The authors also thank Jason Reifler, Brendan Nyhan, Jeff Biggs, Tom Mahr, and congressman Dan Lipinski for their helpful comments. This article is a descriptive account of congressional action on health care reform from the perspective of two APSA Congressional Fellows who worked in moderate Democratic Senate and House offices as the Congress adjourned for its August recess. The terrain will obviously have changed by the time this appears in print, but it is intended to provide some insight on a rapidly moving legislative effort.