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The Classical Review (2009), New Series, 59:438-441 Cambridge University Press
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The Reception of Greek Philosophy

(C.) D'Ancona (ed.) The Libraries of the Neoplatonists. Proceedings of the Meeting of the European Science Foundation Network ‘Late Antiquity and Arabic Thought. Patterns in the Constitution of European Culture’ held in Strasbourg, March 12–14, 2004 under the impulsion of the Scientific Committee of the meeting, composed by Matthias Baltes†, Michel Cacouros, Cristina D'Ancona, Tiziano Dorandi, Gerhard Endreß, Philippe Hoffmann, Henri Hugonnard Roche. (Philosophia Antiqua 107.) Pp. xxxvi + 531. Leiden and Boston: Brill, 2007. Cased, €149, US$199. ISBN: 978-90-04-15641-8.

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Dominic J. O'Mearaa1

a1 Université de Fribourg (Switzerland),
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