The Journal of Politics

Research Article

Liberalism and Democracy in the Thought of Raymond Aron*

Roy Piercea1

a1 University of Michigan

Raymond aron is one of the leading political thinkers of the twentieth century. Remarkably prolific and versatile, he has published works of ideological criticism as well as works on the philosophy of history, sociology, international relations and the politics of his own country, France. Taken together, his books have appeared in at least nine languages. His active participation in the work of the Congress for Cultural Freedom has brought him into direct contact with scholars and other leading figures throughout the world. These facts alone would make it of importance to analyze his political thought. There are, however, two other reasons as well, and it is these which provide the focus for this particular effort to analyze his political ideas.

Roy Pierce, associate professor of political science at the University of Michigan, has studied, taught and written in France over the last ten years. He was a Fulbright Lecturer there in 1960.


* This study was assisted by a grant from the Faculty Research Fund of the Horace H. Rackham School of Graduate Studies of the University of Michigan. I am also indebted to Leslie W. Dunbar for a critical reading of an earlier draft.