Journal of Plasma Physics


Powerful terahertz emission from laser wakefields in plasmas for diagnostics

Z.-M. SHENG a1, J. ZHENG a1, H.-C. WU a1, J. ZHANG a1 and K. MIMA a2
a1 Laboratory of Optical Physics, Institute of Physics, CAS, Beijing 100080, People's Republic of China (
a2 Institute of Laser Engineering, Osaka University, Suita, Osaka 565-0871, Japan

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Broadband coherent emission around the electron plasma frequency can be produced from a laser wakefield by linear mode conversion in inhomogeneous plasmas. In addition to its potential use as a powerful terahertz source, it can be used as diagnostics of the wakefield produced for particle acceleration. In this paper, some simulation results are presented on the wake emission when the wakefield is driven in the wavebreaking regime and driven inside a plasma channel.

(Received August 15 2005)
(Accepted November 22 2005)