Journal of Helminthology

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On Longistrongylus meyeri gen. and sp. nov., a Trichostrongyle parasitizing the Red Hartebeest Bubalis caama

P. L. le Rouxa1

a1 Lately Veterinary Research Officer, Onderstepoort, Pretoria.

In June, 1930, the writer received from Mr. T. Meyer of Onderstepoort, some parasites collected from a red hartebeest at Gobabis in South West Africa. The examination of this material revealed the presence of rather long slender worms which could not be allocated to any of the known genera of the sub-family Trichostrongylinœ, Leiper, 1908. The genus Longistrongylus is proposed for the reception of this species which is named Longistrongylus meyeri gen. and sp. nov., in honour of the collector and donor.