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The Design of an Urban Open-space Network for the City of Durban (South Africa)

Debra C. Robertsa1

a1 Manager: Environment, Urban Development Department, PO Box 680, Durban 4000, South Africa. Formerly Lecturer, Department of Geographical and Environmental Sciences, University of Natal.

Global urbanization is proceeding at an alarming rate and is threatening the long-term survival of many important biological resources. Planners in the City of Durban (South Africa), cognizant of this impending environmental crisis, have designed an urban open-space network aimed at preserving a representative and functional example of the previous indigenous landscapes now under threat as a result of development.

Biogeographical principles have been used to produce for Durban a system characterized by maximized reserve size, continuity, and overall minimized system linearity with the lowest edge-to-area ratio possible. Emphasis has also been placed on economic viability and on the importance of community acceptance and participation within the system.