Epidemiology and Infection

Research Article

Slide-agglutination for rapid serological typing of Treponema hyodysenteriae

D. J. Hampsona1

a1 School of Veterinary Studies, Murdoch University, Murdoch, Western Australia, 6150


A slide agglutination (SA) test was developed to determine the serogroup of isolates of Treponema hyodysenteriae of serogroups A to F. Rabbit antisera which are normally used for serogrouping T. hyodysenteriae in an agarose gel doublediffusion precipitation test (AGDP) were not suitable for SA because they agglutinated isolates from more than one serogroup. The agglutination reaction was made serogroup-specific by cross-absorbing the typing sera for serogroups A to F with whole treponemes from the other 5 of these 6 serogroups of T. hyodysenteriae. The absorbed sera were reacted in slide agglutination tests with 33 isolates of T. hyodysenteriae and with four non-T. hyodysenteriae intestinal spirochaetes. None of the non-T. hyodysenteriae isolates agglutinated, but 27 of the 33 isolates of T. hyodysenteriae did. The results for 26 of the 27 agglutination reactions agreed with the serogroup as determined in AGDP. One of the 6 isolates of T. hyodysenteriae which failed to react in slide agglutination was of serogroup B, 1 of serogroup D, 1 each were from new serogroups G, H and I, and 1 was untypable in AGDP.

(Accepted January 14 1991)