Epidemiology and Infection

Research Article

Salmonella serovars (others than Typhi and Paratyphi) from extra-intestinal sources. Israel, 1984–9

I. Sechtera1, E. Katzenelsona1 and A. Reisfelda1

a1 National Salmonella Center, Central Laboratories, Ministry of Health, Jerusalem, Israel


The purpose of this study was to examine whether certain salmonella serovars, other than Typhi and Paratyphi, may have an increased ability to enter the human body fluids. The data are based on over 20000 salmonella isolated from humans during 1984–9, among them 436 from extra-intestinal (EI) sources. The mean percentage of EI salmonella isolated in Israel (excluding Typhi and Paratyphi), was 2·1 %. In three serovars: S. 9, 12:1, v:-, Virchow and Saintpaul, the percentage of blood isolations and of EI isolations in general, was high. Among the frequent serovars, ser. Infantis and Hadar had a much lower percentage of EI isolations.

(Accepted January 17 1991)