Behavioural Psychotherapy

Research Article

The Assessment and Short-term Manipulation of Affect in the Severely Demented

Heather C. Gaeblera1 and David R. Hemsleya2

a1 St Charles Hospital, London

a2 Institute of Psychiatry, University of London

A series of observation studies on elderly demented patients were carried out in an attempt to devise a reliable instrument for measuring engaged behaviour and emotional responses. This was achieved in a number of stages, and a final small scale study demonstrated a high level of inter-rater reliability. The instrument was then employed to assess the effects of a short-term intervention in a group of non-verbal elderly patients on a geriatric ward. A single case design was employed and replicated across six subjects. The results provide some support for the efficacy of this type of intervention, although there was considerable inter-subject variability in response.


Reprint requests to Dr H. C. Gaebler, Psychology Department, St Charles Hospital, Exmoor Street, London W10 6DZ, UK.