Epidemiology and Infection

Research Article

Does chloramphenicol remain the drug of choice for typhoid?

B. Rowea1, E. J. Threlfalla1 and L. R. Warda1

a1 WHO Collaborating Centre for Phage typing and Resistance of Enterbacteria, Division of Enteric Pathogens, Central Public Health Laboratory, 61, Colindale Avenue, London NW9 5HT


Of 2356 strains of Salmonella typhi isolated in Britain in the 8-year period 1978–85, 2345 (99·53%) were sensitive to all antibiotics tested and 11 (0·47%) were chloramphenicol-resistant; chloramphenicol resistance was plasmid-mediated in 6 strains. It is concluded that chloramphenicol remains a satisfactory first-line choice of drug for tyrphoid fever in Britain.

(Accepted December 02 1986)