Journal of Hygiene

Research Article

The epidemiology of hydatid disease in England and Wales

M. F. Stallbaumera1, M. J. Clarksona1, J. W. Baileya2 and J. E. Pritcharda1

a1 University of Liverpool, Department of Veterinary Clinical Science, Division of Farm Animal Medicine, Veterinary Field Station, ‘Leahurst’, Neston, South Wirral

a2 Hydatid Reference Laboratory, School of Tropical Medicine, Pembroke Place, Liverpool


The epidemiology of hydatid disease in man in England and Wales, based on the data collected between 1981 and 1983 at the Hydatid Reference Laboratory of the Public Health Laboratory Service, is presented. The incidence of hydatid disease was 42 cases per annum, with 2 cases per million population occurring in Wales and 0·2 per million in England. The highest prevalence was in London amongst the immigrant population. The incidence in the indigenous population was 15·5 cases per annum, with 5·6 cases per million occurring in South Powys, parts of South Wales and Herefordshire. The population most at risk is the rural, farming community in that area, but the West Midlands is also an apparent focus of the disease.

(Received August 02 1985)

(Accepted August 12 1985)