Journal of Hygiene

Research Article

Rift Valley fever virus (family Bunyaviridae, genus Phlebovirus). Isolations from Diptera collected during an inter-epizootic period in Kenya

K. J. Linthicuma1, F. G. Daviesa1, A. Kairoa1 and C. L. Baileya2

a1 U.S. Army Medical Research Unit (WRAIR) Kenya, Box 401, APO New York 09675 and Veterinary Research Laboratory, P.O. Kabete, Kenya

a2 Department of Arboviral Entomology, U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases Fort Detrick, Frederick, MD 21701, U.S.A.


A total of 134876 Diptera collected in Kenya during a 3-year period were tested in 3383 pools for Rift Valley fever (RVF) virus. Nineteen pools of unengorged mosquitoes were found positive for RVF. All isolations were made from specimens collected at or near the naturally or artificially flooded grassland depressions that serve as the developmental sites for the immature stages of many mosquito species. The isolation of virus from adult male and female A. lineatopennis which had been reared from field-collected larvae and pupae suggests that transovarial transmission of the virus occurs in this species.

(Received January 03 1985)

(Accepted January 23 1985)