Social Policy and Society


Neo-Liberal Individualism or Self-Directed Support: Are We All Speaking the Same Language on Modernising Adult Social Care?

Alan Roulstonea1 and Hannah Morgana2

a1 De Montfort University, Gateway, Leicester E-mail: AROULSTONE@DMU.AC.UK

a2 Department of Social Work, Lancaster University, Bowland North, Lancaster


This article explores recent developments in the modernisation of adult social care through the lens of changes to English day services. Drawing on wider policy debates, it argues that Disabled Peoples' Movement and governmental ideas on self-directed support, although superficially similar, are growing increasingly apart. It is argued that in the absence of adequate funding and exposure to organisations of disabled people, day service recipients risk moving from a position of enforced collectivism to an enforced individualism characteristic of neo-liberal constructions of economic life.