Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society of Great Britain & Ireland

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Art. XIX.—Supplementary Note to the Historical Sketch of the Kingdom of Pandya

H. H Wilson

Shortly after the paper which the Royal Asiatic Society has thought worthy of a place in the present Number of the Journal, the Historical Sketch of the Kingdom of Pandya, was printed, I procured a copy of a valuable work recently transmitted to England from Madras, “Oriental Historical Manuscripts in the Tamil Language; translated, with Annotations, by William Taylor, Missionary.” The most important of the manuscripts, now first published by Mr. Taylor, relate to the subject of my Sketch, and constitute materials highly essential to the elucidation of Pandyan history. The chief of them, the “Madura Sthala Purana,” is clearly the same as one of my authorities, the “Madura Purana;” and it seems likely that the “Pandion Chronicle,” and the “History of the Karnata Governors of Madura,” which are also amongst Mr. Taylor's translations, may be identifiable with documents in the “Mackenzie Collection,” of which I have made use.