Khortos gasteri ou le bonheur est dans le pré: éthique et politique cyniques selon un poème de Cratès de Thèbes

Olimar Flores-Júniora1

a1 Université fédérale de Minas Gerais (Brésil)


This commentary on a poem of Crates of Thebes, which was transmitted in Julian's Oration VII, To the Cynic Herakleios, and Oration IX [VI], To the Uneducated Cynics, intends to rediscuss the notions of happiness, pleasure, wealth, and justice in the context of the kata phusin life as viewed by the Cynics. The “minimal ethics” proposed by the cynic philosophers, which many would consider as a kind of voluntary experience of suffering, appears as a possible way to secure both individual happiness and political justice.