Geological Magazine (Decade III)

Original Articles

I.—The Gigantic Ceratopsidæ, or Horned Dinosaurs, of North America1

Prof O. C. Marsh

Two years ago at the Bath Meeting of the British Association, I had the honour to present a paper in which I compared the principal known Dinosaurs of Europe with those of America. In this communication I referred to some peculiar reptilian remains from the Gosau formation of Austria, and compared them with certain Laramie fossils from America, about which I hoped soon to have more definite information. As an indication of the rapidity with which knowledge of ancient life is advancing, it may be interesting to know what has been learned in two years concerning this single group of the remarkable reptiles known as Dinosauria. This group I have termed the Ceratopsidæ, and I shall refer especially to the forms I have recently investigated, and hope to describe more fully later on, under the auspices of the United States Geological Survey.


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