Psychological Medicine

Preliminary Communication

Who Collaborative Study: assessment of depressive disorders

1 Prepared on behalf of the collaborating investigators, N. Sartorius c1, A. Jablensky, W. Gulbinat and G. Ernberg


In the context of an ongoing WHO research programme in depression, a total of 573 patients consulting psychiatrists in Canada, Iran, Japan and Switzerland were assessed with the WHO/SADD schedule which proved to be a simple and reliable instrument for standardized recording of clinical data. The results indicated that the ‘average’ depressive patients seeking care in culturally different settings have many clinical features in common. A screening instrument, developed in the same study, has been shown to be effective in selecting depressive patients among in- and out-patient populations.


c1 Address for correspondence: Dr N. Sartorius, Director, Division of Mental Health, World Health Organization, Geneva, Switzerland.


1 The collaborating investigators in the study are: