Psychological Medicine

Research Article

Violent crime and the menstrual cycle

P. T. d'Orbána1 c1 and J. Daltona1

a1 Department of Psychiatry, Royal Free Hospital, London


Of 50 women charged with crimes of violence, 44% committed their offence during the paramenstruum (P < 0·02) and there was a significant lack of offences during the ovulatory and post-ovulatory phases of the menstrual cycle (P < 0·01). This association could not be accounted for by psychosocial factors. Offences were unrelated to symptoms of premenstrual tension. When considering treatment, recurrent behavioural changes rather than subjective symptoms should be looked for.


c1 Address for correspondence: Dr P. T. d'Orbán, Department of Psychiatry, Royal Free Hospital, Pond Street, London NW3 2QG.