Psychological Medicine

Research Article

A feasibility study for a controlled trial of formal psychotherapy1

J. Candya1 p1, F. H. G. Balfoura1, R. H. Cawleya1, H. P. Hildebranda1, D. H. Malana1, I. M. Marksa1 and J. Wilsona1

a1 From the Institute of Psychiatry and The Tavistock Clinic, London


A feasibility study for a controlled trial of a certain type of formal psychotherapy is described. Patients referred by consultant psychiatrists in the Inner London Area were carefully selected and fully assessed before random allocation to one of three treatment procedures. The results indicate that the trial as initially envisaged is not feasible. The reasons for this conclusion are discussed.


p1 Present address and for reprints: St. John's Hospital, Stone, Aylesbury, Bucks.


1 This work was carried out under a grant by the Medical Research Council to Dr. R. H. Cawley and Dr. I. M. Marks.