Journal of Helminthology

Research Article

Ancylostoma ceylanicum (Looss, 1911) in golden hamsters (Mesocricetus auratus): pathogenicity and humoral immune response to a primary infection

Sushila Menona1 and M. K. Bhopalea1

a1 Department of Zoonosis, Ilaffkine Institute, Parel, Bombay-12, India


The response of hamsters to Ancylostoma ceylanicum was studied between days 13 and 200 after infection. The infected hamsters showed signs of anaemia, particularly between the 13th and 60th days. A significant loss in body-weight in the infected animals was also observed during this period. Serological studies with agar gel-diffusion, counterimmunoclectrophoresis and indirect hacmagglutination tests revealed positive reac tions between the 20th and 60th days followed by a negative response in the latent period between the 60th and 200th days of infection, counterimmunoclectrophoresis test remained positive for a period of 150 days in this experimental model.

(Accepted June 27 1984)