Journal of Dairy Research

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Interactions between the bovine milk fat globule membrane and skim milk components on heating whole milk

Avis V. Houlihana1, Philippa A. Goddarda1, Stephen M. Nottinghama1, Barry J. Kitchena2 and Colin J. Mastersa3

a1 International Food Institute of Queensland, 19 Hercules Street, Hamilton, Queensland 4007, Australia

a2 Cadbury Schweppes (Australia) Ltd, 323 Canterbury Road, Ringwood, Victoria 3134, Australia

a3 Griffith University, Kessels Road, Nathan, Queensland 4111, Australia


Heating raw milk at 80 °C for 2·5–20 min was found to result in compositional changes in the milk fat globule membrane (MFGM). The yield of protein material increased with the duration of heating, owing to incorporation of skim milk proteins, predominantly β-lactoglobulin, into the membrane. Lipid components of the MFGM were also affected, with losses of triacylglycerols on heating.

(Received March 04 1991)

(Accepted October 18 1991)