Geological Magazine (Decade V)

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IV.—Note on a Fossil Crab and a Group of Balani Discovered in Concretions on the Beach at Ormara Headland, Mekran Coast

Henry Woodward

Having been desired by my friend Miss Caroline Birley to examine two Crustaceans in nodules from the Mekran Coast— part of a much larger series, mostly enclosing fossil shells, described by Mr. R. B. Newton, F.G.S. (see ante, pp. 293–303)—I gladly comply with the request to add a note thereon to his paper.

The first concretion, when broken open, displays the dorsal aspect in impression and counterpart of a small crab, 5½ cm. broad by 3 cm. deep, having one long, slender, forcipated chela, imperfectly preserved, measuring nearly 5 cm. in length; and part of one of the fifth posterior pair of feet, adapted for swimming, showing it to have been near to the family Portunidæ, to which our common shore-crabs of the genus Portunus belong. None of these, however, can be satisfactorily compared with the fossil crab from Ormara, which is certainly referable to another genus.