Geological Magazine (Decade V)

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II.—Notes on Fossil Plants from the Witteberg Series of Cape Colony

A. C. Sewarda1

a1 Cambridge.

The specimens described below were sent to me for examination by Professor Schwarz from the Albany Museum, Grahamstown; they were collected from a thin seam of shale in the Grahamstown district in the Witteberg Series. This series, so named from the Wittebergen in the south of the Karroo, consists of a group of shales, sandstones, and quartzites, which are placed at the summit of the Cape Series below the plant-bearing and glacial beds of the Lower Karroo system. The Witteberg Series have afforded a very few fossils; these include imperfectly preserved fragments of Lepidodendroid plants and an abundance of the fossil known as Spirophyton, referred by some authors to the vegetable kingdom and by others regarded as probably inorganic.