Glasgow Mathematical Journal

Research Article

A Proof of some identities of Ramanujan using modular forms

Anthony J. F. Biagiolia1

a1 The University of Missouri at Rolla, Rolla, Missouri 65401, U.S.A.

In 1974 B. J. Birch [1] published a description of some manuscripts of Ramanujan which contained, among other things, a list of forty identities involving the Rogers-Ramanujan functions


At that time nine of these had been proven, and since then twenty-two more of them have been proven, fifteen of them by David Bressoud in his thesis [2]. Bressoud gives a synopsis of the extant proofs, where he attributes proofs to H. B. C. Darling [3], L. J. Rogers [4], L. J. Mordell [5], and G. N. Watson [6].

(Received May 18 1988)