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Dysphoric mood and symptomatology in schizophrenia

Ross M. G. Normana1 c1 and Ashok K. Mallaa1

a1 Department of Psychiatry, University of Western Ontario; Victoria Hospital, London, Ontario, Canada


The relationships between depression, anxiety and positive and negative symptoms of schizophrenia were examined in a study of 95 schizophrenic patients who were receiving out-patient care. Various measures of depression and anxiety showed a pattern of interrelationships which suggested that they were measuring a general state of dysphoria rather than separate dimensions of anxiety and depression. Dysphoria was found to be more reliably related to level of positive symptomatology than to negative symptoms.


c1 Address for correspondence: Dr Ross M. G. Norman, Room 130, WMCH Building, Community Rehabilitation Program, Victoria Hospital, 375 South Street, London, Ontario, Canada, N6A 4G5.

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