Psychological Medicine

Research Article

Psychiatric morbidity in general practice and the community

David Goldberga1 c1, Clifford Kaya1 and Linda Thompsona1

a1 Department of Psychiatry, University of Manchester and the Barlow Medical Centre, West Didsbury, Manchester


The ‘General Health Questionnaire’ was used to assess the psychiatric morbidity among 365 consecutive attenders at a general practice and to compare this with a systematic random sample of 213 patients drawn from the lists of the same practice. Those attending a general practitioner are shown to be more psychiatrically disturbed than a random sample of the practice population, and this difference remains when those attending for psychological symptoms are discounted. Various social and demographic characteristics which distinguish between those who do and those who do not attend a doctor with a given set of psychological symptoms are described.


c1 Address for correspondence: Professor David Goldberg, Department of Psychiatry, The University Hospital of South Manchester, West Didsbury, Manchesterr M20 8LR.