Psychological Medicine

Research Article

Comparison of bulimic and non-bulimic anorexia nervosa patients during treatment

Elke D. Eckerta1 c1, Katherine A. Halmia1, Peggy Marchia1 and Jacob Cohena1

a1 University of Minnesota Hospitals, Minneapolis; Cornell University Medical College, New York; Department of Psychology, New York University, USA


Bulimic and non-bulimic anorexics were compared on psychological variables during a hospital treatment study. Although before treatment bulimic anorexics displayed more overall psychopathology than non-bulimics, many of the differences disappeared with treatment. There was no difference in severity of depression or body size estimation in these groups both before and with treatment. There was no difference in treatment response as measured by rate of weight gain. More expression of discomfort by bulimic anorexics during the acute phase of illness may in part account for some described differences in these two groups.


c1 Address for correspondence: Dr Elke D. Eckert, Box 393 Mayo Building, Minneapolis, Minnesota 55455, USA