Psychological Medicine

Research Article

Initial response to drugs in depressive illness and psychiatric and community adjustment a year later

Allen Raskina1 c1, Helvi Boothea1, Natalie Reatiga1 and Joy G. Schulterbrandta1 p1

a1 Psychopharmacology Research Branch, National Institute of Mental Health, Maryland, USA


Three hundred and sixty depressed in-patients initialy treated with imipramine, chlorpromazine or a placebo were re-evaluated a year later. Patients showing the poorest adjustment at one year were those who failed to show a good initial response to treatment and those who responded positively to a placebo.


c1 Address for correspondence: Dr Allen Raskin, Psycho-pharmacology Research Branch, National Institute of Mental Health, 5600 Fishers Lane, Room 9–101, Rockville, Maryland 20857, USA.

p1 Present address: Center for Studies of Child and Family Mental Health, National Institute of Mental Health.