Research Article

The clouded leopard in Malaysian Borneo

Alan Rabinowitza1, Patrick Andaua2 and Paul P. K. Chaia3

a1 Wildlife Conservation International, New York Zoological Society, Bronx, NY 10460, USA.

a2 Game Branch, Sabah Forest Dept., PO Box 311, Sandakan, Sabah.

a3 National Parks and Wildlife Office, Forest Dept., Jalan Gartak, Kuching, Sarawak.

The clouded leopard Neofelis nebulosa has already disappeared from part of its range in southern Asia; it is classified as vulnerable by IUCN and is on Appendix I of CITES. Little is known about this secretive forest-dweller anywhere in its range, and the sparse information needs to be augmented so that effective conservation measures may be taken if necessary. In early 1986 the senior author travelled through the interior of Malaysian Borneo, staying at villages and timber camps, to assess the status of the species in the region and to find out more about its behaviour.