Research Article

Priority ratings for conservation of Indian primates

Anwaruddin Choudhurya1

a1 c/o Ms S.B. Choudhury, Translator, Gauhati High Court, Guwahati 781 001 Assam, India.


Many of India's primates are threatened, especially by forest destruction, and in some areas they are also hunted for food. The 15 species involved are not threatened equally—some are widespread and common, even in the hearts of cities, while others survive only in small populations over a limited area. In order to make best use of the limited resources available for primate conservation it is necessary to identify those species needing urgent attention. The author, who is at present carrying out research on the primates of Assam, has rated the species according to their conservation needs using a method based on one developed for identifying conservation priorities for African primates. He compares his results with those of the Asian Action Plan for Primates and makes recommendations for conservation action in India.