Journal of the Australian Mathematical Society (Series A)

Research Article

Multipliers of Banach valued function spaces

Hang-Chin Laia1

a1 Institute of Mathematics National Tsing Hua University Taiwan, Republic of China


Let A be a commutative Banach algebra with identity of norm 1, X a Banach A-module and G a locally compact abeian group with Haar measure. Then the multipliers from an A -valued function algebra into an X-valued function space is studied. We characterize the multiplier spaces as the following isometrically isomorphic relations under some appropriate conditions:


(Received July 18 1983)

1980 Mathematics subject classification (Amer. Math. Soc.)

  • 20 B 05;
  • 43 A 22;
  • 46 G 10;
  • 46 B 22

Keywords and phrases

  • Banach module;
  • homomorphism;
  • invariant operator;
  • multiplier;
  • Bochner integral;
  • vector measure.