Journal of the Australian Mathematical Society

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Special involutions and bulky parabolic subgroups in finite Coxeter groups

Götz Pfeiffera1 and Gerhard Röhrlea2

a1 Department of Mathematics National University of Ireland Galway Ireland e-mail:

a2 School of Mathematics University of Birmingham Birmingham B15 2TT United Kingdom e-mail:


The conjugacy classes of so-called special involutions parameterize the constituents of the action of a finite Coxeter group on the cohomology of the complement of its complexified hyperplane arrangement. In this note we give a short intrinsic characterisation of special involutions in terms of so-called bulky parabolic subgroups.

(Received May 20 2004)

(Revised September 20 2004)

2000 Mathematics subject classification

  • primary 20F55;
  • secondary 06A07