Bulletin of the Australian Mathematical Society

Research Article

Rings with orthogonality relations

G. Davisa1

a1 Monash University, Clayton, Victoria.


The rings of this paper are assumed to have relations of orthogonality defined on them. Such relations are uniquely determined by complete boolean algebras of ideals. Using the Stone space of these boolean algebras, and following J. Dauns and K.H. Hofmann, a sheaf-theoretic representation is obtained for rings with orthogonality relations, and the rings of global sections of these sheaves are characterized. Baer rings, f–rings and commutative semi-prime rings have natural orthogonality relations and among these the Baer rings are isomorphic to their associated rings of global sections. A special type of ideal is singled out in commutative semi-prime rings and following G. Spirason and E. Strzelecki, in an unpublished note, a characterization of a class of such rings is obtained.

(Received October 01 1970)