Organised Sound

Research Article

On Sonification of Place: Psychosonography and Urban Portrait*

Dani Iosafata1

a1 Seesener Str. 70f, Berlin 10709, Germany E-mail:


Urban Portrait: Thessaloniki is a sonic art installation by this author, presented at the Lansdown Centre for Electronic Arts of Middlesex University, London, in May 2008. This article constitutes an exploration of sonic representation of the experience of place as a central element of the work. The term psychosonography is introduced to encapsulate the described method and references to its supporting concepts. Urban Portrait is about representation of experienced locality, as well as the emergence of relationships among a collection of such localities through their sonic embodiments. Ultimately, it takes the form of the sonic equivalent of a psychogeographical map, to be navigated by aural means.


* This article is based on my thesis for the MA Sonic Arts course of Middlesex University. I wish to thank Nye Parry for his guidance and supervision; Dimitrios Adam for his advice and assistance on the field; John Dack for his continuing support and the translation to Guide des objets sonores; Rina-Sarra and Alice Iosafat for their assistance with graphical elements of this work; and the musicians Angeliki Sousoura, Theodore Hytiris, Lenio Liatsou, Thanos Sideris, Christos Pappas, Traianos Papadopoulos, Irene Khissa and Harry Elektron.