The Journal of Agricultural Science

Research Article

Genotypic and phenotypic variances and correlations in field beans (Vicia faba L.)

T. E. Yassina1

a1 Hudeiba Research Station, A.R.C., P.O. Box 31, Ed-Damer, Sudan


Estimates of genotypic and phenotypic variances and covariances were determined for yield and yield components in ten field beans varieties grown at two locations over three seasons.

Substantial amounts of genotypic variance were obtained for yield/plot, 1000-seed weight and number of pods/plant. Variability in number of seeds/pod and much of the variation in yield/plant was attributable to environmental effects and their interaction with the varieties. Seed yield/plot was closely and positively correlated with number of pods/plant and yield/plant, while it was closely and negatively correlated with 1000-seed weight.

The implications of these correlations for selection are discussed.

(Received April 09 1973)